Baltai Juoda” (literally ‘‘Black in White“) – an organization of youth/volunteers where people are united by public spirit and have been trying to change the world “from black to white” since 2011.

Our Mission – is to create a high public spirit environment while realizing our ideas thorough of the scope of our key virtues honesty, courage and public spirit and acting together organizing and performing numerous civic and social campaigns, projects. Our ideas related to creation of responsible and socially active society.

The aim of the organization is to create an environment for young and intelligent people who want to realize their ideas related to creation of mature, responsible and socially active society. Today „Baltai Juoda“ is established in several cities in Lithuania and abroad. All together there are more than one hundred volunteers in both cities. Our mission is to assist who are in need of any kind of help and attention. We seek to break stereotypes about socially vulnerable groups: the disabled, the elderly, teenagers in socialization centre, the needy. We also volunteer in animal shelter.

The organization and its members have already been nominated by some solid national achievements such as “Youth organization of 2014”, “Youth leader of 2014”, “Crystal of Kindness 2014”, “Life award 2017”.

A volunteer of „Baltai Juoda“ who shares the organizations values – the honesty, the courage and the public spirit and is not ready just to monitor the situation around him, but is always ready to act when the situation occurs.

The main point is that our volunteers have inner motivation that is necessary everywhere and every day. Our volunteer lives without frames as there are too many of them set by society and we noticed one more very important fact: volunteering is a great opportunity to get rid of egoism!

Mūsų įvertinimas

  1.  “Youth organization 2014”
  2. “Leader of the youth 2014” – Director Paulius Klikūnas.
  3.  “Crystal of Kindness” Deputy Director Elena Jurkutė, (2014).
  4. “Life award 2017″
Social projects:

„Baltai Juoda“ works all year round. Volunteers share their ideas and turn them into real projects that always attracts attention of media and sočiety.

  • „Pilietiškos Kalėdos“ (literally “Public Christmas“) – our mission is to visit lonely elder people, needy families, the infirm and give them the presents donated by citizens;
  • „Atspėk negalią“ (literally “Guess the Disability) – volunteers go to main parking-lots and check if people without special licences don‘t take parking places for the disabled. However, if such cases are seen, volunteers put some funny stickers on the cars;
  • „Padėk man“ (literally “Help me“) – the official organizations- emergency medical service, police, fire service- educate people how to provide initial medical care and give demonstrations how to escape from dangerous situations and also encourage blood donation;
  • „Tušti namai“ (literally “Empty homes“) – volunteers made and put special houses with candles and short stories about people who died on the road;
  • „Tulpė senolei“ (literally “A Tulip for a Granny) – volunteers give tulips for grannies in caring hospital on International Women‘s Day on the 8th of March;
  • „Netapk kėgliu kelyje” (literally “Do not Become a Pin on the Road) – volunteers were watching the dangerous street in Kaunas city and gave reflectors for pedestrians who irresponsibly crossed the road with an encouraging idea to be more careful and use zebra crossings;
  • And many more projects, for example: „Šeimų šventė“ (“Family Day“), Sveikatingumo diena, „Stipri širdis“ (Wellness Day “Strong Heart“), „Gerumo traukinukas“ (“Train of Kindness“), „Pasodink pienę“ (“Plant a Sowthistle“).
Weekly activities for volunteers:

Kaunas disabled youth day centre. Here volunteers visit people with mental illnesses and together they make small pieces of art, watch movies and discuss.

Children tuberculosis section at Kaunas clinical hospital. Volunteers come to visit children, spend some time playing with them, making small pieces of art, paper planes and anything that children are keen to do that day. There is no chance to catch the illness.

Kaunas nursing hospital. Volunteers visit the elderly, talk to them, try to cheer them up.

Animals shelter „Penkta koja” (literally “Fifth Leg”). Volunteers come to take care of dogs, take them for a walk and clean main areas.)

Vilijampolė social care home. Our mission is to come every Saturday at 9:30AM, meet young people with mental and physical illnesses and together learn how to prepare some dishes. Here volunteers also talk about hygiene in the kitchen and show nice ways of serving the food.

Kaunas children socialization centre „Saulutė“ (literally “Sun”). This activity happens 2-4 times per month. Leader Skirmantė always invites interesting, talented and sometimes famous people who can share their exprience, sometimes teach something, inspire for changes and have big dreams and goals.

„Baltai Juoda” security section. Special classes are necessary for volunteers who want to join this activity. Volunteers together with police officers go to the streets to check the safety of citizens.

Subdivision in Šiauliai city: volunteers visit Youth day centre, Self-sufficing life home, Family centre. Coordinator of activities in Šiauliai is Regimantė (+370674 96 925).

New volunteers are always welcome to join us and together do some meaningful tasks. Come, try and dive into volunteering!



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