Black in White (BiW) – the community of high public spirit

Non-governmental civic organization “Baltai Juoda” (“Black in White” – BiW) is a community where people are united by public spirit and trying to make the world around them a better place.

Our Mission – is to create a high public spirit environment while realizing our ideas thorough of the scope of our key virtues honesty, courage and public spirit and acting together organizing and performing numerous civic and social campaigns, projects. Our ideas related to creation of responsible and socially active society.

The organization is officially active since 2011 and currently united by more than 100 volunteers in Baltic states and across the ocean helping people who are in need of any kind of help and attention while breaking stereotypes about socially vulnerable groups.

The organization and its members have already been nominated by some solid national achievements such as “Youth organization of 2014”, “Youth leader of 2014”, “Crystal of Kindness 2014”, “Life award 2017”.


BiW and Security Sector Reforms


The members of the Black in White Project (BiWP) are experienced professionals in the area of Security Sector Reforms (SSR) throughout the world. The have had experience in a large variety of law enforcement agencies within Europe and further afield.  They have had substantial experience in their own countries of origin and as experts in contexts such as European Union Missions, Canadian Police Missions, the United Nations and other organisations providing advice, training and mentoring.  They aim to assist local counterparts and government institutions to implement sustainable, locally  owned reforms of the civilian security sector, based on EU and international standards, with special emphasis on human rights and  principles of good governance. The goal is to achieve a civilian security sector that is efficient, accountable, and enjoys the trust of the public.

Particular areas in which we can assist are:

  • identifying gaps in and sharing best practice in the area of law enforcement and legal development
  • advice on capacity-building in law enforcement agencies and the criminal justice system, based on local needs and priorities
  • advice on the implementation of international standards and legal agreements in criminal justice and law enforcement
  • advice on the appropriate law enforcement responses to major crime threats
  • crime threat assessments and analyses
  • advice on legislative development to meet the needs of a modern criminal justice system that takes account of human rights and gender issues
  • improving opportunities for international cooperation in criminal investigations and prosecutions to combat serious, organised and transnational crime
  • advice on effective anti-money laundering legislation and procedures
  • advice on implementing effective anti-corruption policies and procedures
  • advice on the effective implementation on measures for the treatment of victims of crime

The BiW Security Sector Reform Team would be happy to assist in any of these areas of reform.  To discuss ways in which we can assist, please contact us below

The BiWP Team
Kestutis Leimonas

Expert in Customs, Border Guard reforms


Tomas Bikmanas

Expert in Good Governance and Police HR

Paulius Klikūnas

Expert on reforms in policing (criminal investigations, anti-corruption, organised crime)

Ian Richardson

Expert in prosecutions relating to serious transnational crime and financial crime


John Lamming

Expert in covert operations and organized crime

Gatis Doniks

Expert on reforms of prosecutorial and investigative bodies (management, evaluation systems, HR issues)

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions

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